Visual FAST

Visual FAST is a complete, full featured shareholder accounting solution with no need to purchase additional modules.

  • Fund Processing
    • Money Markets
    • Equity Funds
    • Bond or Debt Funds
    • Series Accounting
    • Unit Trusts
  • Share Processing
    • Multi Class Shares
    • Book Shares
    • Certificate Shares
    • Unit Trusts
    • Capital Shares
  • Commission Processing
    • Front End Loads
    • Back End Loads
    • CDSC
    • 12b-1
    • Redemption Fees
    • Commission Tables with overrides on the shareholder or transaction
  • Tax Processing
    • Full Tax Lot Accounting: LIFO, FIFO, and Free Lot Processing
    • Generates your 1099B, 1099D, 1099R, 5498 and 1099Q tax documents and filings.
    • Blue Sky Tracking
    • Calculates Average Cost Basis and True Cost Basis (True Book Value)
    • Redemption Fees
    • Commission Tables with overrides on the shareholder or transaction

And so much more.
Call today to receive a list of all the functionality available in Visual FAST.

  • Application Set Features:
    • Easy to use native Windows interface
    • Fund/SERV & Networking Interface
      Including Comm/Serv, TORA, DCC&S, ACATS
    • Load Funds, including CDSC, LOI & ROA
    • Muli-Currency transactions with FOREX table.
    • Blue Sky reporting with ABD interface.
    • 12b-1 support with full dealer commission support
    • ACH Transactions
    • Cost Basis
    • Inter/Intranet ready
    • Integrated Imaging system
    • Systematic Withdrawal and Purchase Plans
    • Combined Statement Processing
    • Advanced User Security System
    • Full Tax Reporting
    • Full Audit Logging
    • E-reporting of any reports to any email address.
    • All reports can be saved as “RTF”, “PDF”, “XLS”, “HTML”


SMART coming soon! A New Day In Transfer Agency

Using advanced technology and proved design and development practices, SMART is being designed from the ground up to be fast and flexible. Matching functionality, ease of use and the industries most transparent pricing model

Take a look at what SMART can do for you:

With our enterprise aware architecture the SMART platform can integrate with your in-house or 3rd party systems to help you leverage your existing technology investments.

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